This is the official website of, also known as Niwebsports. The idea behind setting up this site was to inform our viewers and visitors about the many would-be scams, money saving tips, and amazing products and deals that we discover online.

After more than 15 years working a greenkeeper in my local golf club unfortunately the day came were due to injury of my lower back I could no longer work. Finding myself idly kicking my shoes as the days dragged in, I realised that I simply had to do something with them than with my life.

I couldn’t go back to work, not even in an office job where I would be sitting all day since my back simply wouldn’t allow it, nor will my doctor. With shooting pains every day that not even the strongest painkillers could relieve I found that I had to stay lying in an almost horizontal position for most of the day. The worst thing about doing this all day is that daytime TV absolutely sucks!

So when somebody who was kind enough to pay for an install Wi-Fi in my apartment block and grant me the access key opens up a new part of my life I felt that I really have to give something back.

I don’t have the financial resources to repay the kind soul who did this for me, but I have decided to try and make something of my life by producing and bringing to life Niwebsports.

The name may lead you to think that we are a sports related website, and although that is true to an extent saying that we cover such sports such as horse riding and bowling, when you actually begin to browse through any of our content you will see that we actually cover many more areas and not just focusing solely on sport.

Sport is a big passion of mine though, so don’t be surprised if this tends to creep in more than any other topic. What sport do you like? You can let us know by emailing us at [email protected] It would be great to hear from you!

Perhaps you have to other hobbies? Some of mine include smoking marijuana to help ease the pain that I suffer daily and others that perhaps you will be able to pick up on some reading some of the posts here on Let’s have a chat and see what we have in common! Looking forward to hearing from you, Niwebsports.

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